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Handicap Assistance Animal Policy

Wavecrest became a pet free facility in 1995.  However, service animals will be accomodated as outlined below.
Short Term Occupancy (less than 30 days) ADA Regulations Apply
Upon check-in, register with the office that an assistance animal will be present on-site.
Long Term Occupancy (30 days or more) HUD Regulations Apply
The first step for anyone desiring to bring a service animal long term to Wavecrest is to complete and return a "Handicap Assistance Animal Information Request Form" prior to bringing the animal on-site.  The request will be forwarded to counsel handling the process for Wavecrest who will provide the applicant with further documentation which will be kept confidential between the applicant and counsel.  Counsel will review the application and make a recommendation to the Board based on the information received.  Request forms are available in the FORMS section on-line or at the office.
The Handicap Assistance Animal Policy was approved by the Board of Directors at their regular meeting of June 15, 2012 as follows:  That the AOAO bylaws and articles prohibit pets at WC.  The only exception recognized by law to allow animals on such premises is for a medically necessary animal for assisting handicapped persons.  Only to the extent required to do so by law, will the AOAO allow animals at WC premises.  If anyone desires to bring an animal onto the WC premises, they must provide a written request to the manager prior to bringing the animal to the premises and obtain permission PRIOR to bringing the animal to the premises.
Any request for permission to have a handicap assistance animal on WC premises will be referred to the AOAO attorney to request medical information (which will be held confidential with the Board and legal counsel) concerning the nature of the handicap and the medical necessity for the assistance animal, information concerning the animal,and such other information as legal counsel deems appropriate to evaluate the request.  Legal counsel will then provide a recommendation and information to the Board to decide whether to allow the animal on premises.
If the Board decides to allow an animal on premises, it will require from the owner/user of the animal indemnification, proof of liability insurance, or such other guarantees from the owner/user of the animal to ensure the AOAO is protected from added cost or liability associated with having the animal on premises.
Revised ADA Requirements

By wavecrest - Posted on 12 September 2012

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